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Jamie L. Burleigh

CoFounder of The Old World Alliance/Media/Product Development

Staff instructor at select outdoor institutions and Indigenous reserves, teaching a cross-cultural curriculum and survival skills since 1992. He was featured in numerous outdoor magazines and periodicals, former lead instructor at The Pathfinder School, Pro-Staff/Sales manager at Self Reliance Outfitters, and associate instructor at Campcraft Outdoors. Currently working as an Author, Outdoor Skills Instructor, and Craftsman of fine rustic goods.

Robert A. Schneider

Old World Alliance Instructor/Curriculum/Product Development

Rob is currently serving on Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps for 19 years and will retire from service in mid-2023.  He is a trained Formal School Instructor, Curriculum Developer, and Certified Master Training Specialist.  He has personally taught and developed programs and manuals for thousands of Marines in his career.  His outdoor, safety, and survival background encompasses multiple certifications and schools, including Marine Combat Training, Aviation Survival, and FEMA Emergency Operations Management.   

Charles Lee Collins

Co-founder of The Old World alliance/Advisor/Marketing

Former corporate VP. and Trusted advisor since 1999.

Old World Alliance is the world’s first association dedicated to Self-Reliance, Survival, and Outdoor Skills.

We are professionals who provide quality education and outfit.
We are the OWA.

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