Handmade goods move very well and after the next order is fulfilled, I’ll be back in the forge makin’ more.
Speaking for my family and me, we appreciate you all very much.
Be blessed-jb

Forged Striker/Awl $25

This striker is designed to make flint and steel fire and makes a handy crafting awl. Fits perfectly into an altoid size tin (included).

Handforged Flint and Steel Fire Kit

  • Hand-forged 01 tool steel Striker
  • Craft Awl
  • Flint Arrowhead
  • Presentation Tin

Made by J.Burleigh 2022


GR Knife w/Our Custom Sheath $59.95

NOW AVAILABLE…an old favorite of mine. Russell Green River brand fish knife sheathed in one of our custom #2 sheaths. You will not be disappointed with this knife/sheath combo…Im pretty stoked about this!

  • We design sheaths to have all exposed sides be of the finished sort, meaning; only the smooth finished/grain side is seen. There are no rivets or added stitching to scratch the knife or to be cut by a sharp edge.

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Thank you!